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Juvenile Runaways Attack Alton Woman, Say Police

What do you do if you're attacked?  I ask that because an Alton woman was jumped by three juvenile runaways as she approached her home.  Her house was in a safe neighborhood, so she still parked and got out of her car even though she saw the three teenagers she didn't recognize.  They grabbed her from behind, asked who was in the house and grabbed her car keys.  She fought back, and they dragged her to her car and tried to stuff her in the trunk.  Luckily, she had a camera tripod in there and swung it at them.  They still knocked her unconscious but by then neighbors were rushing to her aid, as were police.  Police typically tell us to hand over belongings and not struggle, but I wonder if her outcome would have been any different if she had? I would never second guess anyone in that position, and she has my admiration for fighting off three attackers long enough for help to arrive. 

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