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Pick-pockets hit Chesterfield

An unsuspecting 83-year old woman got a couple of jolts as she left the Walmart in Chesterfield Commons Saturday afternoon.  One mild... one major.

The mild one was a guy bumping into her cart as she left.  The major jolt was realizing later that while she was distracted for two seconds, another man went into her purse in her buggy and  stole her wallet.

Chesterfield police believe at least one member of this duo may have stolen a wallet out of a woman's purse in St. Peters, too.

We also got an email from a woman in St. Ann who says this happened to her mother-in-law but doesn't think it was the same person we showed in the surveillance video on News 4 from the St. Peters story.

Lt. Steven Lewis of the Chesterfield Police Department says he wouldn't be surpised if more than a few people are doing this.

"Tis the season," he told me.

I talked to some women outside Chesterfield Commons this morning as they left the Walmart and told them what happened.  They admitted to me they'd be easy targets, too.  They feel safe there, but crimes of opportunity like pick-pocketing (or pick-pursing if that were a term) can happen anywhere.

These guys are still out there.

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