St. Louis woman, two others killed in Panama -

St. Louis woman, two others killed in Panama

A St. Louis native was killed in Panama by a man suspected of killing two others. 

CBS News reports that Cher Hughes was found dead on the property of William Adolfo Cortez Reese. Reese is suspected in Hughes death and the death of two others. Police said Reese's dog led authorities to Hughes' body.

The Panama police investigation unit said Reese and his wife, Jane, are on the run. Police said they aren't sure Reese is his real identity after they found a fake passport.

Hughes lived in Panama with her husband and a second, unidentified body was found near her. Police in Panama said they believe Reese is killing people to take their property.

A family friend said Hughes owned the hotel Casa del Sapo in Boca del Torro. He also described Hughes and Cortez as friends and neighbors. Hughes was in her early 50s.


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