Collinsville mother says gangs are targeting her home -

Collinsville mother says gangs are targeting her home

A Collinsville mother of seven called News 4 after she says gang members keep shooting at her home.  Just this morning, she woke up to four new shots fired inside her house.

It isn't the first time the Collinsville home has been peppered with bullet holes.  The homeowner says her son used to be in a gang.  But before you rush to judge, she says he's been on the straight and narrow now for more than eight months, but the violence hasn't stopped.  She's now worried about the safety for the rest of her family.

"I pray each night that we're going to wake up," Kathy Osorio says.

She's had a lot of close calls -- two just this month.  More than seven bullets have pierced the outside of Osorio's house.  Inside, a slug fired at her home early this morning stuck into the computer in the family room.
"If it had been 45 minutes earlier, I would have been burying two daughters," Osorio says.

That's when her 13-year-old daughter was playing on the computer.  Her big sister was in the kitchen.
"I should be protected," Osorio says.  "I'm not in a gang.  My grand kids aren't in a gang, my girls aren't in a gang."

And Osorio says her son no longer is either.  In fact, he moved out because he's afraid of putting his family in even more danger.

"My son's trying to stay away from this stuff, but they're not giving him the opportunity," Osorio says.  "It's almost like they don't want to see anybody get any better.  I don't want to have to bury one of my kids to get something done."

Osorio's son tells us that he knows who's responsible, but he doesn't want to retaliate; he wants justice served the right way -- by police.

News-4 called the St. Clair County Sheriff's Office to find out what detectives are doing about the multiple shootings at Osorio's house.  We will update this story here on as soon as we receive a return call.

Maggie Crane is a reporter at KMOV.  To contact her, email

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