MO HIghway Patrol and MODOT handle major mess -

MO HIghway Patrol and MODOT handle major mess

We cover wrecks all the time but what we saw this morning was a little unusual.  The driver of a pick-up truck lost control around midnight on I-70 in St. Charles near Highway 94.  The pick-up hit the concrete median, took about a 20-foot chunk out of it and the pick-up caught on fire.

The Missouri Highway Patrol told me the driver and passenger were rushed to the hospital but should be okay.

As soon as the Highway Patrol was done investigating the scene and clean-up crews did there thing, along came MODOT crews.

I figured they'd do some temporary fix to get drivers through the morning rush without lanes shut down.  At the time two west-bound lanes and one east-bound lane on I-70 were closed while they did their work.  What they did was not repair or temporarily fix, but replace a concrete median in the spot where the pick-up took it out.

We figured we'd be doing live reports from 5am to 7am showing the gradual progress, but by 5:30, moments before our second scheduled live report, they were done.  Morning commuters would never know what happened there except the thousands who woke up to Awake with News Four that is.

Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV-TV.  He can be reached at


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