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Unemployed Ballwin Couple wins $250,000 Lotto

Tracie Rogers, an engaged bride-to-be, says she'll use most of her $250,000 winnings to pay off the mortgage on her home instead of planning an extravagant wedding.

Rogers, 29, says her fiance of 9 1/2 years recently bought her a scratch off lottery ticket.  She says she won $5.  Her fiance bought her a second ticket and threw in another five bucks for a $10 scratch-off.  That turned out to be a lucky decision.

Tracie won the top prize.  However, she couldn't believe it - at first. 

The couple drove back to the convenience store where the clerk confirmed the win, then gave Tracie a high-five. 

Tracie says the windfall comes at a good time.  She is unemployed and her fiance, a welder, was laid off last year.  The couple canceled a previous wedding date because of financial hardships. The couple has been together for 12 years and share a home with five pets. 

Tracie says she plans to pay off bills then may revisit the idea of planning a wedding soon.  She also says she'll buy her fiance a new set of tires.

Read about the odds on the scratch-off they played here:  www.molottery.com/scratchers.do

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