One person can make a difference -

One person can make a difference

You have heard that statement before, "one person makes a difference". That sentence rings true in criminal investigations. I have been covering the St. Louis area for three years. In those years, I can't tell you how many murder cases have went unsolved or cold. Many times when I talk to investigators they tell me there are witnesses out there; however, those witnesses refuse to come forward.

Just think one person could have spotted the getaway car, one person could have saw that suspicious person walking down the street, or one person could have heard a call for help. Police need your help in solving crime. Just  think, if it was your son or daughter you would want someone to step up and say something. 

The Major Case Squad is currently investigating a murder in St. Charles County. Someone shot and killed 23 year-old Daniel Brennan as he left a party on Tuesday night. Investigators will not release a lot of information in this investigation, but police confirm that witnesses are talking to police. Which makes the probability of finding the gunman highly likely.



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