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FBI hands out child ID kits in Louisiana, Missouri

(KMOV) – Just one week after 4-year-old Alisa Maier was abducted from her front yard in Louisiana, Missouri, the FBI is in her town arming families with child identification kits just in case another child is kidnapped.

From six months old to six years old, dozens of children in Louisiana, Mo. are getting fingerprinted, and their grandparents are getting a lesson.

The FBI’s child ID kits store information like updated photos and even a DNA swab.

Alisa Maier’s father says he thinks the kits are a great idea, especially given what happened with his very own child.

After a child is fingerprinted, parents are instructed to seal them in an envelope. The FBI says parents should not leave the fingerprints in a safe deposit box; instead, they should leave them in a photo album or a place where you can access them quickly just in case there is an emergency.


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