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Mike Matheny

Being a reporter sometimes means you have to ask difficult questions.  I don't mean grilling a crooked politician or holding a public servant responsible, but asking about things that aren't necessarily for the public good., just for the public interest.   Today was one of those days.  I was assigned to cover the foreclosure sale of commercial property owned by former Cardinal catcher Mike Matheny.  Matheny has long had a reputation for being a great guy.  Not all athletes are great guys, just like not all people in general are not great, so it is notable that Matheny has a rep for being so nice.  That's why I felt bad calling him.  There are no doubt investors all over the area who face the loss of property in relative anonymity.  So how did the call go?  Just like his reputation, Mike Matheny was very nice.  He explained he couldn't discuss details because of ongoing negotiations and I thanked him for his courtesy.  He did say he worried his reputation was taking a hit and because of the negotiations, he couldn't correct that.  I think of any possible worries he might have, his reputation isn't one of them.  It's intact. 

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