How criminals get guns -

How criminals get guns

Whenever a teenager's accused of shooting someone, the question always comes up, where did he or she get the gun? How would someone under 18 who doesn't have a job, get their hands on a handgun? Sometimes the answer is, they steal it. And sometimes the owner makes it easy for the thief.

According to Florissant Police, sometime between July 8-10 a thief stole a .45 caliber handgun from a car that was parked in the 300 block of South St. Charles Street in Florissant. And, believe it or not, the car was left unlocked. On July 5th, a thief opened an unlocked door of a car parked in the 1300 block of Wildhorse Meadows in Chesterfield and stole a radar detector, briefcase and an unspecified firearm.

Car break-ins are at an epidemic level this summer, but what really worries police is when a gun is one of the items taken from a car. That means another firearm is transferred from the possession of a law abiding citizen to the hands of a criminal. No telling where or how it may be put to use someday.

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