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Quick hits July 12


***Home Run Derby gets underway in about 20 minutes. Wake me when it's over. I'll stay tuned only because Matt Holliday is participating. ESPN has ruined what was at one time an enjoyable event.

***Bud Selig's decision to award home field in the World Series was and is a mistake. The previous method, alternating years, didn't make much more sense. The solution is the simple: the team with the best regular season record earns home field. No, the 162 game schedule isn't balanced for both leagues but neither is interleague play. The team that plays the best in the regular season earns the nod. That's how it's done in the NBA and NHL. But then those leagues have real, independent thinking commissioners.

***I hope the Cards pull off a deal for Toronto SS Alex Gonzalez. The lack of production from the middle infield is killing the team. The Cardinals HAVE TO increase run production in the second half to win.

***Keep running your mouth, Lebron. He's setting himself and the Heat up for failure by talking all the trash he's talking about winning multiple titles. He's won squat at this point. That said, I don't blame James entirely for the hour-long debacle on ESPN last week. Jim Gray killed the show himself. Mike Wilbon would have been a better choice for that role but ESPN had no say in it.

***Jesse Jackson is entitled to his opinion but I didn't hear anything racist in Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert's rant about Lebron. To me, Gilbert came off as an adolescent. He sounded like a teenage boy whose first girlfriend broke up with him. Good luck luring big ticket free agents in the future. James had every right to bolt Cleveland for Miami. He earned his free agency. A phone call would have been nice, sure. But if Lebron is all the things Gilbert claims, why was he competing to earn the right to pay him 120 million bucks? Now I have two teams to root against in the Eastern Conference (I'm a diehard Celtics fan anyway).

***FIFA must adopt a video review system for goals for the 2014 World Cup. It's time to get calls right. Goals are too important and too infrequent to dismiss.  

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