Lindenwood University officially moving to NCAA -

Lindenwood University officially moving to NCAA

(KMOV)-- The NCAA accepted Lindenwood University’s bid to join the division two ranks. Lindenwood will stay in the NAIA for two more years, then hopefully they say, begin regular season play in the fall of 2012 and postseason play in 2013. 24 of LU’s sports are making the move including football, basketball, and baseball.

Lindenwood’s Athletic Director John Creer says some sports will see success earlier than others. He also says they’ll be plenty of adjustments to make, especially in recruiting. 

“It’s really going to change the way we do things as far as recruiting and the type of recruit that we’re going to try to get in there is probably going to change too, to continue to raise the level of our athletic programs and our ability to compete in the MIAA and the NCAA,” said Creer.

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