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Police Catch Suspects After Chase

A man and woman put us all in danger today. Police say undercover police officers were in the Tower Grove neighborhood this afternoon about 4:30. They noticed broken glass on the street and saw a man and woman in a car. They followed them. The suspects in the car spotted police. Someone in the suspects' car fired some shots at police. No one was hit.

Police say the suspects took off. They gave chase. The suspects sideswiped a VW beetle at Chouteau and Compton. They drive around Harris Stowe. They were in the downtown area. They eventually were caught in the Peabody housing complex just south of the downtown area with several police cars in pursuit.

At one point a man who'd been walking on the sidewalk said a gun was thrown from the car and hit him in the leg. He picked it up and gave it to the officers.

The car that the two were riding in was said to be stolen.  A police captain says it was reported stolen in 2008.

The woman was driving the car. Police on the scene said it appeared there were things like backpacks and other items in the suspects' car that might have been stolen from vehicle break-ins. High dollar stuff? It didn't appear to be.

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