Beauty Myth-Busters -

Beauty Myth-Busters

Beauty Myth-Busters
Provided by Make-Up Artist Ashley Lueckenhoff

Myth: If you have oily skin you don’t need to use a daily moisturizer.
Truth: False
• People with oily skin tend to over clean their face and not use moisturizer. However this causes your face to produce more oil and will worsen the problem of having oily and acne prone skin.
• Finding a product that is specifically tailored to your skin type is the solution.
Helpful Product: Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion

Myth: Concealer should be lighter than your skin tone
Truth: False
• Concealer should match your skin tone and blend seamlessly into your skin just like your foundation does.
• The solution is buying a concealer that has peach undertones for under your eyes to combat the bluish undertones that make for tired looking eyes.
Helpful Product: Benefit Erase Paste

Myth: Mature women should only wear makeup with matte finishes
Truth: False
• There is a difference between light shimmer and wearing glitter, eye shadows with a shimmer to them actually minimize the signs of aging by evenly dispersing the light on your face.
• This was true in the 80’s when frosted makeup was in style and the products were not as finely milled as they are today.
Helpful Product: Petal Essence Eye Color Trio by Aveda

Myth: Foundation should be applied all over the face
Truth: False
• It should only be applied to the areas that need extra coverage or evening out. These areas are typically the very center of the face: around the nose, eyes and mouth
• Not only does it take up a lot of time blending foundation over the entire face but you also run the risk of getting lines on the jaw area and looking like a “head on a stick”.
• As long as your foundation matches correctly spot applications are not a problem. Check the color on your jaw line not your wrist when purchasing. If you still aren’t sure if it matches ask for a small sample, store lighting is typically bad.
Helpful Product: Makeup Forever HD Foundation

Myth: Split ends and damaged hair can be repaired
Truth: False, however it can be treated and prevented from getting worse
• Once the hair is damaged and/or has split ends frequent trims and weekly deep conditioning is the only ways to get rid of damage.
• With use of the right styling products, shampoos, and conditioners damaged hair can be made to look less obvious and to prevent the hair from acquiring further damage.
Helpful Product: L’Oreal Force Vector Shampoo and Conditioner and thermo heat protectant

Myth: I have to wash my hair daily
Truth: False, in fact over washing your hair could be doing more harm than good.
• Over washing your hair not only can cause damage but might also cause your scalp to produce more oil. For most if not all people washing the hair every other day is sufficient.
• There are dry shampoos for every hair type, also feel free to wet the hair on the days that you aren’t going to wash it.
• If you must wash it every day try to only shampoo your scalp and 2 inches out and only apply conditioner to the ends.
Helpful Product: Baby Powder, Sexy Hair dry shampoo and Oscar Blandi dry shampoo

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