The Mommy Diaries: The verdict is in - it's a... -

The Mommy Diaries: The verdict is in - it's a...

I had my first ultrasound of my second pregnancy yesterday and was able to find out the gender of my baby. It's a...boy!!! Yes, my husband and I are having another little boy and we couldn't be happier. We already have Jude, our 21-month-old son, and we are so happy that Jude will have a little brother. I can just picture the two of them playing together and, of course, getting into trouble together.

All of my friends and a lot of my family members were certain that this baby would be a girl, but deep down, I knew another boy was on the way. I guess it's that mother's instinct. People have asked if I would have rather had a girl, but honestly, I went into this ultrasound with no preference on the baby's gender. So when the ultrasound technician gave us the news, I was super excited!

Finding out our baby's gender wasn't the only exciting news yesterday. We also got a great report from the doctor on the health of our baby. Everything on the ultrasound looked perfect. My husband and I are so thankful that our little guy is growing and developing right on schedule. I posted a photo of the ultrasound image on the right side of the page.

So I guess the necklace test was wrong!

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