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Waiting and worrying

Waiting and worrying is all some 480 veterans can do now.  So far that is the number of vets who have decided to be tested after getting letters informing them they may have been exposed to hepatitus or HIV.  1,812 letters were sent out, so a good deal more are still yet to be tested.

The test results will take between two to three weeks, and as one vet told me, he doesn't even know how he'll find out.  A phone call, a letter, a meeting.  He doesn't know.  All he does know is that he and others need to be careful around their families while they wait,  Careful not to possibly expose others to a conditioon they may have.  But some worry they may have exposed family members before even finding out since the possible exposure occured in February and March. 

The VA says the risk of exposure for the vets is low.  They say equipment was pre-washed outside the normal department  that handles sterilizing and the instruments were cleaned normally after that.  They tried to reassure the vets, but many still worry.








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