Northside redevelopment effort not over -

Northside redevelopment effort not over

Paul McKee may have suffered a setback in court on Friday, but his attorney says the effort is far from over.  The court ruled that the plan did not meet the specifications of the TIF statute.  McKee will ask the Judge to revisit the matter within a week or 10 days.  There is another option; the Board of Aldermen could change the statute.

Opponents to the plan say they intend to continuing fighting the 8.1 billion dollar plan.  They have concerns about McKee's financing, as well as feeling like McKee came in and told them what was going to happen to them without giving them a vote.

Of course, McKee's attorney says there is a lot of support on the northside for the development.  Definitely, more to come on this one.


Paul Puricelli, atty for McKee

314 721-7011


D. B. (Dorian) Amone

Attorney for Plaintiff

314 531-9016


Puricelli expects to file a motion within 7 to 10 days asking Judge Dierker to revisit the case.


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