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Good bargains on craigslist!

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Police say it's common that items stolen from cars and houses, ends up for sale on craigslist. In a June 21st Neighborhood Crime Alert we talked to a victim of theft and showed you the ad on craigslist for the gps device that was stolen from his car. With this in mind, I thought I'd list some of the stuff stolen recently in Chesterfield so you could be looking for it appear on craigslist soon and probably at some really good prices.

- Power washer, stolen from an open garage.

- Laptop and iPod that were stolen by a thief that entered a house through an open garage door.

- A television and a laptop, stolen by a thief who entered through an open window. Together they're valued at $10,200.

- Satellite radio and cell phone, stolen from an unlocked car.

- In two separate incidents thieves stole beer. $80 worth of beer was taken from a Chesterfield parks facility on N. Outer Forty and thieves took somebody's beer from an open garage. But don't get your hopes up that you'll find these items for sale on craigslist at a cheap price.

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