Thanks for the Memories Don Coryell -

Thanks for the Memories Don Coryell

You probably saw the news earlier this week. Former St. Louis Football Cardinal coach Don Coryell died.

I have to pass along a Don Coryell story.

I was born and raised in St. Louis. So I grew up with the Big Red. I remember going to Busch Stadium as a kid with my dad on Sundays to watch the games. Don Coryell came in and produced a winner. After years of frustration St. Louis football was something to sit up and take notice of.

It was the fall of 1977. I was a freshman at Mizzou living in the Cramer hall dormitory. Monday Night Football was still something of a national event. On November 14th the Cardinals were taking on the mighty Dallas Cowboys. I was in my dorm room with my roommate Dave Thies, a high school buddy, and Jim Kelty, another high school buddy from Normandy along with several other guys who wandered in and out during the course of the evening.

As the game went on it was turning into something special for St. Louis.

The final score:

St. Louis 24

Dallas 17

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