Family believes Toyota is at fault for accident after car accele -

Family believes Toyota is at fault for accident after car accelerates on its own

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) – A family slams into a building after their vehicle begins to accelerate on its own, and they believe it’s the manufacturer’s fault.

A 7-year-old was injured when a Toyota Camry accelerated on its own, sending the car into the side of an apartment building. The car’s owner says this is not the first time the car has revved up without hitting the gas pedal.

Toyota says it’s still investigating what really happened but initially blamed “peddle confusion.”

The owner, Clarence Jackson says the car is a death trap and Toyota needs to replace it.

“I was hitting the brakes, hitting the brakes wouldn’t do any good. Only thing that stopped it was hitting that brick wall.” Jackson spoke of the experience.

He was trying to park his car when he says it sped forward slamming into the wall of his daughter’s apartment building. She and her 7-year-old son were in the car at the time.

“My son has a hairline fracture of his spine, in the upper part of his spine area. He has to wear a spine brace and a cervical spine brace on his neck,” Leticia Jackson said of her son’s injuries.

Jackson said he has proof his car is dangerous; it did it a second time while being repaired at Mike Bach’s Body Shop.

The mechanic, Mike Bach said “It just revved up on its own, revved up without even hitting the gas. “

After News 4’s Russell Kinsaul spoke with Toyota they said the case is still under investigation but would not say if they have any similar cases in other Toyota Camry’s.

Jackson’s model of car is part of a $250,000 class action lawsuit settlement with Toyota over alleged defective electronic throttle control systems.

Clarence Jackson believes his car unsafe and he won’t drive it.

“If I trade this in and somebody buys this car and gets killed, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. So we are asking Toyota to do something about this, “Jackson told Kinsaul.

Jackson says Toyota should own up to the problem by replacing his car and paying his grand-son’s $11,000 medical bill.

The company has already indicated they are not replacing the vehicle but the official response from Toyota has not been released at this time. 

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