Man arrested after entering locked church to use bathroom at 3 a -

Man arrested after entering locked church to use bathroom at 3 a.m.

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( – A St. Charles County man is out on bond after he was arrested for breaking into a church.

According to St. Charles police, the man was discovered when an alarm went off at the CrossWay Church, located in the 400 block of Hemsath.

When the pastor arrived to reset the alarm just after 3 a.m., he told officers he saw a man inside the church.

Police arrived and arrested the man, Sean Michael Moore, who told them he just had to use the bathroom.

Moore maintained the church door was unlocked, and that he did not break in. Officers said he appeared intoxicated at the scene, and he had been in the church for more than 30 minutes.

He was arrested on charges of burglary after officers say they found the church laptop in a bag in the bathroom. Church officials said the bag is usually in the office. Moore posted bond and was released. 

In 2012, someone stole the a/c units from CrossWays church and the pastor says churches are not considered so sacred these days. 


In the last few months, police responded to burglaries or break-ins at three churches in St. Charles County alone. 

In march, this same suspect was arrested for stealing ice cream from St. Peters Catholic Church in St. Charles. 

Eric Lawrenz with the St. Charles Police Department says, "You can kinda look at a church just like a business because most of the time they'll have valuables there and there's not gonna be anybody there after hours."

Police say many times it's a crime of opportunity and that extra-due diligence such as locking doors, windows and setting alarms goes a long way. 




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