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Unsuspecting drivers not happy with Northwoods' new 'speed trap' tactics

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

(KMOV) – News 4 has learned the Northwoods Police Department is disguising an officer running radar in a city public works vehicle and writing hundreds of tickets along an area interstate. 

This practice is raking in cash for the city with more than 100 tickets issued in April at an Interstate 70 speed trap. 
Not only is the officer hiding in a public works vehicle, they’re using tractors and SUVs with a tire taken off to make it look as if it’s broken down.
Along Interstate 70 at Lucas and Hunt, officers are hiding out two to three times a week between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. waiting for potential speeders.
Kenneth Givens did not get a ticket but noticed what he described as a deceitful practice and alerted News 4. 
When News 4's Lindsay Bramson asked the Northwoods Police Chief Earl Heitzenroader if he thought this practice was dishonest and sneaky, he said no. 
In fact, he says he’s addressing a public safety issue. In the month of April, the trap has resulted in nearly 200 tickets. 
“There’s no set-up, they have control of the car and they know what they’re doing out there. It’s just a tactic,” Chief Heitzenroeder said. 
With each ticket tagged at about $200 a piece, this tactic is giving the small community a lot more money.
Although some believe this practice is not right, according to the Missouri Highway Patrol, the department is not breaking any laws. 

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