USPS investigates delivery mistakes in St. Louis County neighborhood -

USPS investigates delivery mistakes in St. Louis County neighborhood

( -- A U.S. Postal Service spokesperson says the agency is looking into a curious case of mistakes in mail delivery in at least one Jennings neighborhood.

Robert Cotton says he routinely gets mail that is meant for someone else.  He lives at 7119 Garesche, but gets mail that should have been delivered to another house. 

“When you get a single piece of mail that day and it doesn’t go to your address and that’s the only piece of mail you got that day, I ask the question of ‘who got my mail?’ because I got somebody elses,” said Cotton.

He says it’s been an on-going problem over the last several months. Cotton occasionally gets mail from other addresses, too.  However, he tells News 4 that most of the mistakenly delivered mail belongs to another address with a 7119 house number.

That mail belongs to Barbara Farrelly who tells News 4 that she’s noticed chronic mistakes over the last year.  She says she’s complained so often that the U.S.P.S sent her a sticker to place on the mail slot in her door.  It reads. “LETTER CARRIER: Please Double Check Address For Accuracy”.

Farrelly says the sticker doesn’t work, “Its just been an ongoing thing.  It needs to stop.  Where does it stop?  What has to be done for it to stop?”

Initially, a U.S.P.S spokesperson said it’s possible that there’s a glitch that would cause a mix-up between the two addresses.  But, Farrelly and Cotton insist the problem is more widespread.  

News 4 knocked on other doors in the neighborhood and spoke to two others who say they also get mail meant for other homes with the same house number, but on different streets.  None of the street names are simliar or would, to the reasonable person, be easily mixed-up.  Cotton lives on Garesche Avenue and others reported errors on Dawson Place and Beulah Avenue.  All gave different accounts of how often the error occur.  Some said it was about twice a month, Cotton said he may notice several mistakes in a week and then no mistakes for weeks.  Friday afternoon marked the most recent misdelivery at Cotton’s house.

After learning about more neighbors with similar experiences, a U.S.P.S spokesperson said the St. Louis Post Master is involved.

“They’re going to be manually looking at the mail and pulling it and looking at different mail on the entire route and make sure the mail is getting to the right address,” said U.S.P.S. spokesperson Valerie Welsch.

As of Tuesday morning, the U.S.P.S said Cotton and Farrelly’s addresses have been flagged to ensure they are pulled out of the automated system and manually sorted to prevent any other errors.

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