St. Louis County battling funding issues to increase sidewalk co -

St. Louis County battling funding issues to increase sidewalk coverage

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

( – Sidewalks in St. Louis County are sometimes hard to come by. According to officials, the county is responsible for 3100 lane miles, and many of those are in older neighborhoods that were built up without sidewalks in mind.

Since the late 1990s, the county has required any new neighborhoods to have sidewalks built in with the roads. However, many of the older areas remain dangerous for pedestrians.

Tuesday morning, a child was airlifted to a hospital after being struck by a vehicle near the intersection of Coal Bank and Lilac in Spanish Lake. They remain in an unknown condition.  

Parents in the area say sidewalks could have prevented the accident, though the county cites a lack of money as part of the problem.

Recently, St. Louis County received a federal grant of $250,000 under the Safe Roads Initiative. They say this will allow them to lay 2100 feet of sidewalk.

Officials say they are targeting the area around Larimore Elementary with the primary focus being areas within a half mile of a school and arterial roads.

Tuesday’s accident was more than a mile from a school, and would not fit the criteria for new sidewalks. 

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