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'Crystal ball' for implants: Texas plastic surgeon offers 3-D breast imaging

SAN ANTONIO -- Before women ever go under the knife for plastic surgery, doctors now can use technology to show them exactly what their new breast implants will look like.

It's helping patients choose the right size and save money.

Dr. Suresh Koneru said this is much better than stuffing a bra or cramming sample implants into a bikini. This technology provides a "crystal ball" that can reveal what a variety of breasts sizes will look like.

He said he is the first San Antonio plastic surgeon to offer the Crisalix software. He said the images are very realistic, and the patient can see their future implants from every angle.

He also said a patient doesn't have to step foot in his office to take advantage of the software. Instead, a patient can take their own digital photos at home and then email them to him.

He then uploads the confidential photos to Swiss engineers who simulate what the new breasts will look like.

"They will send me an email to my office," he said. "We can contact the patient and make a consultation and go over the photos."

He said that saves the patient time and helps cut consultation costs.

The software also allows the patient to play "paper dolls" by trying on different outfits to see what size is the most flattering for their frame.

He also said the program helps patient avoid having implant remorse when it comes to size.

"Being able to see it on the computer makes them more comfortable about that decision," he said.

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