Parents outraged after video surfaces of school bullying in Jenn -

Parents outraged after video surfaces of school bullying in Jennings

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( -- A disturbing video posted on Youtube appears to depict a Jennings girl beating another little girl.
The video was uploaded last month. The clip shows one girl, claiming to be a fifth grader, chasing down another little girl. The girl takes the other child to the ground, then punches her repeatedly, kicks her in the stomach and calls her names.

Another young girl appears to be recording the video. She can be heard saying she does not want to post the video on YouTube, but the girl who allegedly carried out the beating threatens to attack her if she does not.

News 4 spoke to several parents in the Jennings School District, who expressed shock and outrage. So far, the district has done nothing to address the attack.
“That's a physical abuse against another child and then they are using curse words; that's ridiculous” said parent Quenna Robinson. “It makes me scared for my child to come to school and walk home safe if they have to walk home. That's an outrage for the district to know and for us not be informed as parents.”
Bonita Jamison, Northview Elementary School principal, did not respond to a request for comment. District officials also declined to speak on camera.

“The principal became aware of the incident yesterday evening,” said district spokesperson Johnny Little.
Little said they called police Thursday, but officers told us they have no written report so far.
Parents said they were skeptical of the district.
"If Channel 4 can know, they know,” said parent Carlos Smith.

The district says it did not notify the parents immediately for an important reason.

“Well, we like to make sure we have as many facts as we can,” Little said.
Some parents said they want more answers, and that the little girl in the video deserves justice.
“I hope you guys get to the bottom of this,” Robinson said.

The district said they will be informing parents of this video on Monday.

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