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Police: Tire thefts on the rise at parking lots near Lambert Airport

(KMOV.com) -- Several drivers have reported having tires stolen at parking lots near Lambert Airport. St. Louis County police say the thefts are part of a growing crime trend.

This week, police responded to a Lambert parking garage after a driver found his pickup truck stripped of all four tires.

"I've been here since May of 2001, and this is brand new with the tires being stolen," said Edmundson Police Chief Miklos Hurocy. "Break-ins are common...this new and very bold."

Hurocy said his department is investigating two incidents at "The Parking Spot" on Natural Bridge Rd. Hurocy said the size of a parking garage makes it difficult to spot trouble.

"They don't look so big until you are inside, and unless you walk between every car there are a lot of items that can be overlooked," said Hurocy. "That's the nature of the beast."

John Moeser, an employee at Zisser Tire, said he is not surprised by the increase in tire thefts. He said four tires can be stolen from a vehicle in just minutes.

Some rims are worth $700 to $800 each, making them appealing targets for thieves.

"Keep an eye on your car...park in a place you trust," said Moeser. "Other than that, it's still fair game."

Edmundson police released a surveillance image showing a possible suspect vehicle in the most recent parking lot tire theft. Anyone who recognizes the vehicle is asked to call Lambert Airport police at 314-426-8100, or Edmundson police at 314-428-4577.

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