Security questioned after wheels stolen off truck outside Lamber -

Security questioned after wheels stolen off truck outside Lambert Airport terminal

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

(KMOV) -- A shocking crime uncovered only by News 4 raisd some serious questions about security at Lambert International Airport. 

Criminals stole all four tires from one man’s truck while he was parked in the garage connected to the airport’s main terminal.

“Here, no public streets around, controlled access, you kind of have to wonder, how the heck could that happen?” asked truck owner John Bean. 

It’s a great question, especially given the heavy equipment and stacks of lumber the thieves used to commit their crime.

News 4’s Lauren Trager investigated this story Thursday and found out this secure area of the airport doesn’t have a single security camera.

And she learned this has happened just three times in just the past few weeks.

“You leave your car unattended for a time and the last thing you want to do is come back to this,” Bean said. 

A frequent traveler, Bean has often paid a premium $23 a day to park in what he thought was a safe garage.

He never imagined someone could just walk-off with his four wheels.

He assumed there were cameras everywhere.

But he was wrong.

“Now I am mainly disappointed and concerned about the security of this facility in general,” Bean said. 

With so many people in one place, airports are targets for terrorism.

But News 4 learned the garage, owned by the airport and attached to the main terminal is left unsupervised for hours at a time.

“Why are there no video cameras in that area?” Trager asked airport spokesperson Jeff Lea. “Well we haven’t had any issues with that type of crime until recently,” Lea said.

“Aren’t airport officials at all concerned that a lack of security cameras in that area presents a security risk to the airport itself?” Trager asked.  

“There are other security measures, plenty of surveillance within the airport itself,” Lea said. 

But just yards away from the airport entrance, those measures—clearly didn’t protect bean.

He says he feels a lot less safe now.

Replacing his wheels Thursday, he said he won’t park there again and said you, too, should think twice. 

“If it happened to me, I guess it can happen to anybody,” Bean said. 

Another issue raised by these crimes: what are the guards who are supposed to be checking vehicles as they enter the garage really doing?

You would have to believe a load of lumber and heavy jacks could have raised some suspicion.

News 4 is going to stay on top of this story and find out if any security changes are made.




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