Lasting impact of "hot-spot" policing in College Hill neighborho -

Lasting impact of "hot-spot" policing in College Hill neighborhood

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) -- After more than six weeks of “Hot-Spot Policing” News 4’s Larry Connors found out what difference it’s making in three neighborhoods. 

Six weeks ago, a resident compared the College Hill neighborhood to being more dangerous than Iraq, now those same residents say the increased police presence has paid off. 
Kevin Dukes said before “hot-spot” policing, he would drive out of his way to see his Grandma in College Hill because it was just too dangerous to drive down some streets.
“They made a big difference when they were in the neighborhood, you know," said Dukes, "The crime went down a little bit; you felt safer driving and walking through the neighborhood.“
Chief Sam Dotson said College Hill is not a "hot-spot” right now, but police are still there. 
The city followed up by clearing vacant lots, cutting weeds and replacing broken street lights. This created a less hospitable place for criminals. 
“Anytime we can leave a neighborhood better than we found it, anytime we can help the residents think they can take their neighborhood back," said Chief Dotson, "That’s what we want to do."
James Clark with Better Family Life agreed that "hot-spot" policing worked in College Hill. He said the residents there have to step  up and work with police to keep the area safer. 
Clark also said this area now needs an infusion of jobs and better education to break the cycle of violence. 

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