Detectives investigate several cases where murder victims dumped in St. Louis -

Detectives investigate several cases where murder victims dumped in St. Louis

(KMOV) -- A woman was found naked and bruised on a popular bike trail early Wednesday morning and police tell News 4 she was strangled.

Two other women have been murdered within in the last four months. Their bodies were also dumped in the city of St Louis.
In all three cases, the killer or killers are on the loose.
Because News 4 is always tracking crime trends, News 4's Lauren Trager asked police if there's a connection between these cases.
Homicide detectives say they are still very actively working all three cases, but right now, do not think the three cases are related.
“We are trying to get to the bottom of the incident and we are interviewing people right now,” said Lt. John Green, a St. Louis Homicide Detective. 
Lt. Green said people passing discovered the body of Robyn Robel, 47, early Wednesday morning on the bike path just north of Laclede's Landing.
Officers say Robel was homeless. Some of her personal items, including a cell phone and ID, were found nearby. 
“She had lost her house and according to her daughter, she had lost her car,” said Lt. Green.
One possible hitch in the investigation: there's no video surveillance on that part of the bike path.
Another problem, it was raining when the body was discovered. 
"You got maybe DNA on the body that could be washed away, we can't really determine the time of death, because of weather conditions, and they usually take temperatures at the scene."
Still, detectives believe there are no connections to two other recent murders...
One was just last month. A woman was also found strangled, her body left in the 2200 block of S. Jefferson.
In January, Tatiana McNeil was found bludgeoned to death, her body also dumped near the Mississippi River along Riverview.
"Can you say why there's no connection?” asked Trager. "Well the locations, and we have a person of interest,” said Green of the murder earlier last month. 
Lt. Green says they're close to arrests in both of the older cases, but so far, no one's behind bars.
News 4 and Lauren Trager will continue to follow the development of these cases. 

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