Bank of America alerts customers of possible compromised account -

Bank of America alerts customers of possible compromised accounts

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(KMOV) – Bank of America recently sent out alerts to some customers after receiving information that card-holder's account information may have been compromised .

The alert message told customers that their account information may have gotten into the wrong hands.

“We were recently notified that information from some debit cards may have been compromised at a merchant or service provider,” the automated message told customers.

News 4 asked if the problem is tied to the recent security card fraud that exposed the card numbers of 2.4 million Schnucks customers.

Bank of America doesn’t know whether this is tied to Schnucks.  The bank is not privy to that information.

Bank of America said it gets alerts from companies like Visa and MasterCard about cards that might have been compromised at third party locations.

The bank doesn’t know the identity of that particular merchant, but it does go ahead and notify customers as a precautionary measure, and it issues new debit cards.

A spokesperson said not to assume this is necessarily tied to Schnucks.

“I can’t speculate if it’s related to the same incident.," said media relations spokesperson Diane Wagner, "It’d be unfair for customers to think that as well.  They need to check with the proper authorities.”

Bank of America couldn’t comment on how many customers were issued new cards.

However, it does stress that the best way to protect yourself from credit or debit card fraud is to be vigilant with your account, and notify them of any suspicious activity immediately.


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