MoDOT crews cautious after finding more hazardous materials alon -

MoDOT crews cautious after finding more hazardous materials along roadways

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By Dan Mueller By Dan Mueller

(KMOV) -- The Missouri Department of Transportation is warning its employees and volunteers of dangerous materials found while cleaning up area roads.

MoDOT officials said crews picking up litter in the St. Louis area last week found 10 two-liter soda bottles that were once used to make meth.

They are issuing a warning to all employees and volunteers who adopt sections of highway to be extra cautious of meth-making materials tainted with hazardous chemicals.

“Small Coleman coolers are a big one, even larger coolers, anything that’s sealed we warned them don’t open it. Keep it sealed because there could be something hazardous inside. One of the new ones we really started to see last year and this year are two-liter soda bottles," said Becky Allmeroth with MoDOT.

Anyone that spots a sealed cooler or 2-liter bottle that still has liquid in it, is being told to leave it and call police.

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