Salvage yard owner accused of buying stolen cars in Metro-East -

Salvage yard owner accused of buying stolen cars in Metro-East

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) -- A Kinloch salvage yard owner is accused of buying stolen vehicles for scrap, then destroying the evidence.

Complete Auto Recycling Services, located at 5990 Monroe Avenue, is still operating after the owner, Robert Hill, was charged with receiving stolen property.

St. Louis County detectives were able to use VIN numbers to identify at least six vehicles inside the Kinloch salvage yard that were stolen.

Hill, along with other salvage yard workers, would allegedly strip the stolen car of its parts to sell then crush the vehicle down to compressed size. This would be done mostly before the owner even knew their vehicle had been stolen.

”They’re still taking parts off of them and selling them, that has always been the money maker,” Randy Vaughn told News 4’s Russell Kinsaul. “Then they’re just destroying the evidence, crushing these cars down to the size of my desk here and making it non-recognizable.”

Hill is accused of buying stolen vehicles and lending a quick way for thieves to hide their crimes.

Kinsaul attempted to talk to salvage yard workers, but when he arrived at the business, they threw rocks at him and blocked the entrance.

St. Louis County Police are working with investigators on the Illinois side to further investigate other salvage yards that are suspected of buying stolen vehicles as well.

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