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Florida 6-year-old survives alligator attack

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SOUTH FLORIDA -- A 6-year-old boy will have some pretty impressive scars after surviving an alligator attack.

Joey Welch was going canoeing with his dad in South Florida on Friday when he got too close to the water’s edge.

His father heard his son’s screams and said he looked up to see his son’s arm firmly inside an alligator’s mouth.

“The alligator went like… and grabbed my arm and I couldn’t get out,” the boy said.

A stranger nearby also rushed to help and started kicking the alligator in the stomach to get it to release Joey.

“So I ran in the water and it was waist deep and I had my son like this because I didn’t want to play tug-of-war with the alligator. I didn’t want him to get his arm ripped out. So while I’m doing that, I’m punching the alligator on top of the head as hard as I could,” Joseph Welch, Joey's father, said.

When the animal finally let go, Joey was taken to the hospital where it was revealed he suffered very minor injuries.

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