Illinois Senate gun bill would exempt Chicago -

Illinois Senate gun bill would exempt Chicago

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) -- A key Illinois senator says legislation allowing public gun possession will carve out an exception for Chicago.

Republican Sen. Tim Bivins (BIH'-vihnz) says the measure he and Democratic Sen. Kwame Raoul (KWAH'-mee rah-OOL') negotiated would allow Cook County authorities to deny a concealed carry permit even if an applicant passes the required background checks.

The former county sheriff from Dixon says the rest of the state would be governed by a so-called "shall issue" law -- anyone meeting requirements would get a carry permit.

Bivins says the bill is being written. He says it's not ideal but gun-rights advocates have to compromise.

A federal court has ordered Illinois to adopt a concealed carry law by June 9.

A statewide "shall issue" bill failed Thursday in the House.

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