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East St. Louis students dropped off bus in flood waters

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By Dan Mueller By Dan Mueller

(KMOV.com) -- News 4 cameras captured a dangerous scene on Thursday, as an East St. Louis School bus was caught in flood waters. The bus driver appeared to allow two students to exit the bus directly into the water.
“Wow, that should not be," said East St. Louis Mayor Alvin Parks. "It should not be that a child is carrying another child through that much water."
Beth Shepperd, assistant superintendent of East St. Louis schools, said she was not aware of the situation.
"I don’t have any information on an incident like that...with the information you just gave me, I’ll certainly see this is investigated immediately," said Shepperd.

District officials said they contacted Illinois Central Bus Company. Bus company officials told the district there was only one problem with the buses. They said a bus evacuated 10 students on 61st and Lake because the vehicle was stuck in water.
Mayor Parks said he will take some of the blame for problems on Thursday. He said the city never contacted the school district when roads became impassible, and the conditions caught drivers by surprise.
"Perhaps as a city we can give an alert system to indicate certain streets will be flooded,” said Mayor Parks.
Shepperd said she is talking to bus drivers to make sure they understand they cannot drive through high flood water.

No student injuries were reported.

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