Cleaning up from flooding begins in De Soto -

Cleaning up from flooding begins in De Soto

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

( - Some De Soto residents said Thursday's flooding was the worst they have seen in 10 years.

Resident Ruby McCord's home was hit both inside and out. Flood waters overtook her mini-van and damaged the interior of her home.

"In my house it was ankle deep," she said. "Just had new floors put down but they're all messed up now of course. We're just grateful we're alive and okay."

McCord wasn't alone. Authorities said 124 homes and businesses were affected the by flash flooding that occurred in nearby creeks. The flood waters of Joachim Creek bent a street sign and mangled chain link fences throughout a De Soto neighborhood.

"My couches are gone, my bed's gone, the other mattresses I just bought was sitting in the corner," resident Carl Watson said.

The flood water also ruined Watson's washer and dryer, carpeting and clothes.

Residents have a long clean-up ahead of them, but the process can't begin until a building inspector inspects their homes.

"Basically we're seeing if water reached any electrical circuits,"  De Soto Building Inspector Mike Hite said. "If the house is good then we'll mark them. Ameren is right behind us to then turn the electricity on."

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