Food service employee claims she's forced to serve rotten food t -

Food service employee claims she's forced to serve rotten food to students

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

( – An employee with a food service company is claiming the food she’s been serving students at a St. Louis charter school is rotten and moldy.

However her employer, along with the school, say her claims are not only false, but she has an ulterior motive.

Despite the accusations, Jeannette Wilkerson says she’s willing to lose her job over what she says is an ongoing problem.

“The food that they’ve been serving the children is old, and rotten and molded,” she said. “And the kids complain about it. Every day they complain about it.”

Wilkerson is an employee of Ameriserve, a Midwest-based school food service company which serves Confluence Charter Schools.

Wilkerson said she filed complaints with both the St. Louis Health Department and her superiors at Ameriserve.

Ameriserve’s President, Terry Orf said Wilkerson’s complaint is the result of her having an ax to grind.

“What we’ve gotten is a disgruntled employee that threatened our manager, last Friday, when she was reprimanded,” he said.

According to the St. Louis Health Department, Wilkerson’s school hasn’t had any food inspection problems. However, in light of the complaint filed Friday, it conducted a surprise inspection Wednesday.

“We welcomed him in,” said Nez Savala, Confluence’s Director of Public Relations. “He gave us our rating. We’re waiting for the print report but we have a 98 out of 100. The same score that we had last August - 98 out of 100.”

The Health Department confirmed that Confluence rated a 98, and Savala said that’s all the evidence needed to put the issue to rest.

“That’s our proof,” she said. “Our kitchen is safe.”  

Wilkerson says she still stands by her story, and vows to continue to pursue the issue until it is resolved.               

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