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Teen in custody after escaping Jefferson County Juvenile Detention Center

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By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson

(KMOV) -- A suspect that escaped the Jefferson County Juvenile Detention Center in Hillsboro, MO is back in custody.

Deputies do not yet know how the suspect escaped.

Authorities said the 17-year-old suspect went to the Department of Family Services at Highway 21 and Highway A. A woman at the scene told police the suspect tried to peel her out of her green Mercury van and that she was able to fight him off.

The suspect then stole A blue GMC mini-van before taking off on Highway 21. Several deputies were already in the area and quickly caught up to him. They were traveling around 90 miles per hour.

During the persuit, the suspect clipped a Ford Ranger as he tried to pass him into oncoming traffic. The driver of the pickup was not injured.

Deputies boxed in the suspect, stopped him and took him back into custody at Highway 21 and Castle Ranch Road.

He was taken to Jefferson County Jail. He will now be charged as an adult.

Since he was a juvenile, Jefferson County can not release why he was in custody to begin with.

Deputies are also unsure at this time how long he was in for as a juvenile.


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