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U. City, St. Louis police agree to boost patrols in Delmar Loop

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. (KMOV) -- Police from University City, St. Louis, Metro Transit, and Washington University met with city leaders and a group of business owners in the Delmar Loop, Tuesday.

University City Police agreed to boost patrols and St. Louis city leaders said they would ask the police department to target the stretch of the Loop that falls under St. Louis' jurisdiction.

"It's how they'll be utilized. They will be out of their cars, at least this is what we've asked the department to do is to get out of their cars, be on the beat, have the same officers there so they know the people, they get to know the business owners they know where the hot spots are," said Jeff Rainford, the St Louis Mayor's Chief of Staff.

Last summer, University City leaders set a new curfew for those under 17. This spring, University City's mayor said the council would take up the issue again, looking at whether the curfew should changed to send younger patrons home earlier than the current 9 p.m. cut-off.

The new talks over curfews come after a recent, unruly weekend when a couple of teen parties in other areas were canceled.

"In modern social networking, they text everybody and, 'lets go to the loop'. So, all of a sudden, a lot of people came into the loop that particular nigh," said Joe Edwards, owner of Blueberry Hill.

Edwards added the majority of young people didn't cause problems, but some did.

Monday night, business leaders and residents complained to the city council - saying the teens stole drinks from tables and caused other disturbances.

University City Mayor Shelly Welsch said the Economic Development Retail Sales Tax Board agreed to set aside $160,000 for new surveillance cameras in the Loop. The city council will have to give final approval. Mayor Welsch expected the council to make a decision on April 25th.

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