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Talent scout or Hollywood nightmare?

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) -- A Godfrey woman says a St. Charles County talent scout ripped her off to the tune of $895. Ranessa Drainer is an inspiring musician, and was hoping Carey Wolf could help launch her career.

According to Drainer Wolf ran Aura Entertainment out of a St. Charles office on Highway 94. News 4 visited the office, but discovered the place was empty.

Drainer says Wolf talked about her big time connections, and said the $895 fee would cover expenses associated with something called "The Event." The event was supposed to be a gathering of casting agents at an undisclosed location. Drainer says after giving Wolf the check the event was canceled, but Wolf kept the money.

News 4 tried getting answers from Wolf, but she has not responded to email. Wolf's mother told News 4 she doesn't talk to her daughter anymore, and didn't have a way to reach her.

St. Charles Police say they contacted Wolf on Drainer's behalf, and she has promised to pay Drainer by April 24th. Drainer says she gave her the check on January 9, and is tired of waiting for her money. When asked whether she thought she would get her $895 back, Drainer said, "No I don't." 

Wolf eventually contacted Drainer through email, and told her to tell News 4 this is not a story. Drainer says even if she gets paid it's still a story because of Wolf's poor communication skills. Drainer says if Wolf would have made a phone call explaining why the event was canceled, she would not have contacted News 4 for help.

News 4 will continue to follow what happens, and whether Drainer gets paid by April 24.

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