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101 ESPN: Cardinals Should Get Backup Plan Ready

Bob Ramsey, 101 ESPN

Ryan Franklin is Japan.

The Cardinals' closer has been badly shaken and could be on the verge of a serious meltdown that could have disastrous consequences.

Franklin has already blown three saves. Last year statistically, he blew only two ... for the entire season. As usual, we will hum the mantra of "it's too early" in the season to draw any conclusions. And that is true. But it does give us pause to play the "what if" game.

Fans love to climb Franklin's tree because he always "makes me nervous" or "he doesn't strike anybody out." I suggest that we not get too caught up in style points. Is it great when your flamethrower comes in and strikes out the side for victory? Of course it is. But I believe there is only one position in baseball in which you can eschew analysis, and that is... Click here to read the full story on 101ESPN.com

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