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Missouri lawmakers consider extra cell phone tax

(KMOV)—Missouri lawmakers are looking into a plan that will add a 75-cent per month tax to cell phone bills.

The issue is that 911 centers in Missouri receive funding from landline phones and more people are using cell phones.
Missouri cell phone users currently don’t pay a separate 911 tax on mobile phones, as Missouri is the only state that does not charge a state 911 tax.
In the past two years, voters in Jefferson and St. Louis counties have agreed to a sales tax hike for 911 enhancements, but others still rely on landline surcharges and other county funds.
Officials from St. Charles County say they will need $1.5 million for software upgrades.
Some cell phone users may already see a 911 tax on their bills, but call centers from Jefferson, St. Louis and St. Charles counties say that money goes to the wireless companies for infrastructure.

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