users are fired up over high gas prices - users are fired up over high gas prices

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By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson

( -- users are fired up over the spike in gas prices. Below are some of the comments made by our friends on Facebook.  Click here to join in the discussion.  Click here for a map of the lowest gas prices in the area.

Rodney - Truly wish I could sell my car & never drive again. But they'd just find another way to get my money anyway...

Lois - And they think the rescission is over.

Therese - It is not right that the government we support, and we pay, could be doing something to help, and they are not. I agree a boycott is in need. If the government can threaten to shut down, why can’t we as the people do something about the fuel/oil prices?

James - Maybe we should have thought of this when buying those big SUVs and trucks--just saying!

Kim - Any hope of the economy getting better will evaporate since people are having to cut out extras like going out to eat and buying luxuries like TV's and such - any extra money goes to gas and higher food prices now!

Jane - Those of who are unemployed cannot afford the gas to find a job. If you are even lucky enough to find work minimum wage does not even cover the cost to drive to work. I don't know what people are going to do. It is time to boycott!

Kate - I think I need to quit my job because it may be more fruitful if I stay home, become clinically depressed and then file for social security disability! Let the government pay their own oil prices!

Michael - While I'll admit I don't fully understand the economy behind gas prices, I am pretty sure that they don't NEED to be this high. They weren't this high, or were just as high, in the shortage in ‘79 and I’m almost positive that we're not undergoing a gas shortage right now.  Greed is slowly becoming as American as Apple Pie, unfortunately.

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