IDOT closes lanes on 55/70 before they say they will; drivers up -

IDOT closes lanes on 55/70 before they say they will; drivers upset

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) - Are road signs in East St. Louis warning drivers about lane closures misleading? We're talking about the signs on 55/70. They say a portion of the interstate will be closed starting tomorrow, April 8th. But last night News 4 discovered the lanes were closed.  

IDOT says lanes were closed because they were doing prepwork. However, drivers want to know where were the signs warning them of that?
Remember the horrible back up at 55-70 in East St. Louis last week?  Construction crews working on the Exchange Avenue Bridge didn't wrap up their over-night work in time, so lanes were blocked during rush hour. IDOT promised they'd do better. One driver says, "I mean, it's good when the sign says its going to be closed from April 8th-11th but this pop up and go as you please slows people down and really affects our lives." 
Another driver tells News 4, "If they're going to be closing down the highway or backing us up that far, a little notice would be nice so I can be prepared to leave earlier if i have too."
IDOT says these signs aren't misleading. They say they can't warn drivers about every little lane closure and apparently that includes prep work for this weekend's construction project. They say what was important is that drivers know the lanes will be closed this weekend.
IDOT says they expect to have the lanes back open by 5 a.m Monday morning.

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