Madison County voters reject sales tax increase that would benef -

Madison County voters reject sales tax increase that would benefit deteriorating schools

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) – A proposed one cent sales tax designed to help repair and build schools in Madison County failed at the polls on Tuesday – and with the state of Illinois owing school districts millions of dollars, now leaders are trying to figure out how to keep their schools from falling apart.

Top educators at the school administration headquarters in Edwardsville say the superintendents in 10 out of 13 districts in Madison County will have to meet, regroup and decide what to do next.

The one cent tax would have provided $20 million each year for Madison County schools, but now that voters have said “no,” the superintendent is now looking at whether they should put the measure on the ballot again soon.

Dr. Robert Daiber, regional superintendent of schools in Madison County says that be believes the tax failed because of a lack of trust on the abatement of 51 percent. He also says that some did not see the need for facilities to improve.

The 43,000 students affected by sales tax rejection will now have to live with subpar building conditions, says Dr. Daiber. “
Schools need windows. When it rains, water blows in the window,” he says. He also cites leaky roofs and abating asbestos as other substandard conditions that students will have to deal with.

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