Members out of money as boxing Gym closes without notice -

Members out of money as boxing Gym closes without notice

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) -- Members of a south St. Louis County boxing gym feel like they just got punched in the gut.  A local couple says they dropped off their son at his kickboxing lesson last month, only to discover they got ripped off.  But they are not going down without a fight.

Christina Mikel says The Boxing Gym in south St. Louis County never called to say they were closing.  She says the owner now has access to her credit card and owes her at least $70 for lessons her son never received.

News 4 called the number painted on The Boxing Gym's window, but it just rings and rings.  Through the glass we saw a business card on the floor for a Nate Oatis.  Mikel says Oatis was their son's trainer, but would not take her calls.'

But he took News 4's call and met us at his new workplace, a gym called Project Deliverance.  Oatis says it's not his fault and he had nothing to do with the money.  He says the owner is a man named Ken Trokey.  Oatis says Trokey sold the gym's client list to another company and told Oatis to pack up the gym and leave.

News 4 tried to track down Trokey, but after numerous calls to multiple phone numbers and stopping by four different addresses, we could not locate him.

Oatis says there are other options for customers at his old gym.  But as of April 6th, Christina Mikel is still waiting for her money back and some answers.

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