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Local woman spends $4,000 for roofing job that was never completed

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) -- Imagine spending four thousand dollars for nothing. A Montgomery City woman says that's exactly what happened to her when she hired a Warren County roofer last November.

Tina Davis says her insurance company cut her a check for $4,015 for a new roof in November of 2010. Davis says she hired Richard F. Allen to do the job.

Davis says Allen cashed her $4,015 check in November, but he hasn't been back to do the job. Davis says Allen has offered plenty of excuses including, "his guys are off deer hunting, it's going to rain today, a million different things." 

News 4 went to Allen's Warren County home but he wasn't there. There was a note from the Warren County Sheriff's Department posted on the door, but calls to the sheriff's department about the note have gone unreturned.

Allen agreed to a phone interview, telling News 4 Davis was impatient and difficult to work with. Allen says Davis canceled the job in late November, after he ordered the materials for the new roof. News 4 requested the name of the company that provided the materials but Allen said, "I won't release that name because she called one metal company I got the metal and raised holy hell with them." 

Two weeks ago Allen told News 4 he was tired of dealing with the mess, and he was going to send Tina Davis a check for $3,500. Davis said she's not satisfied with a partial refund, and wants the full amount. As of April 5th Tina Davis is still waiting for her refund.

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