Initial impressions of Frank Haith -

Initial impressions of Frank Haith

(KMOV)-- Frank Haith did a good job at his introductory news conference at Mizzou. He said all the right things, promising to try to seal the borders in Missouri as a recruiter and wanting to make Mizzou his final destination. Haith has a lot of personality and seems like a classy guy, which is how he got this far in his career. He didn't get a million a year job with his winning percentage, that's for sure. The hiring of Frank Haith seems so bizarre on the surface that it makes me think Mike Alden must know something the rest of us don't about Haith. Alden says Haith is a great recruiter, but haven't you heard that about every coach ever hired? Haith has had most of his players graduate and that's very nice, but that honestly doesn't concern me that much. If players on scholarship are too naive to realize they need to graduate to increase their chances of success in the real world, then that's too bad. Doesn't bother me much if they want to leave school early. Really, why should I care about that? It's great that Haith is recruiting players who are also serious students, but I don't think a graduation rate is the most pressing concern for a basketball coach.
It only makes sense at this point for Mizzou fans to rally around Haith and support his efforts to bring a winnng team to Columbia. Haith certainly isn't the bad guy here. He didn't do anything any of us wouldn't have done. He was in trouble at the job he had in Miami, was surprisingly offered a much better gig at a better place, and accepted a huge raise. Who wouldn't do that? Whether he's the right man for the job is on Mike Alden, the Mizzou athletic director. Alden will either look like a genious or an idiot for making this hire. We'll find out soon enough which way it goes.

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