Southwest cancels 100 more flights Monday due to plane inspections -

Southwest cancels 100 more flights Monday due to plane inspections


(KMOV)-- About 100 more Southwest Airlines flights are canceled Monday while the airline continues to inspect its fleet of Boeing 737’s.
Southwest, the busiest carrier at Lambert International Airport, has only canceled a flight to Dallas and one from Minneapolis so far.
Inspectors have found small, sub-surface cracks in the fuselage of three Southwest planes since the inspection began. Checks on nearly 60 other jets are expected to be completed by late Tuesday.
Southwest canceled 600 flights over the weekend after a tear in the fuselage forced one plane to make an emergency landing Friday. Passengers aboard the plane captured video and pictures of the five foot long, one foot wide hole.
The section of the jet that ruptured is being shipped to Washington for analysis.
“Was the aircraft well maintained and should it have been maintained better? That is exactly why we are here- to look at why this problem occurred,” Robert Sumwalt of the National Transportation Safety Board said.
Another plane, an American Airlines jet traveling from Boston to St. Thomas, made an emergency landing in New York Sunday morning because of a pressurization problem in the cabin.
The American jet was a Boeing 757, not like the Boeing 737 in the Southwest incident.

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